Anti dating violence message

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“We’ve seen some success in evaluation research with the club indicating stronger likelihood to intervene” when witnessing gender based violence, he says, “but it is a challenge.” In 2009 researchers at the U. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention co-authored a supplement in the journal Health Promotion Practice on the topic of sexual violence prevention programs.

“This curriculum is very solid,” Hall says as he watches Wehye take answers from the students and write them on the board.“Without any effort, everything that’s happening, every comment they are making is exactly what I anticipate.” Eventually Wehye will bring the topic of sexual violence prevention into these conversations about healthy masculinity.He will help the students label actions and behaviors – whistling at a woman, calling her a “bitch,” physical violence – on a continuum of ways men can be harmful to women.Exactly how well MOST and similar programs are working is still uncertain – getting good data has been difficult – but the program’s designers and some prevention experts say they can see evidence of its success.For the past few years the strategy of engaging men in sexual violence prevention has enjoyed both national and international public support.

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