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It’s much more obvious that you are gay, and you can’t hide your sexuality.If you are a femme/butch couple or butch/butch couple, it is nearly impossible to hide your sexual orientation, or the fact that you are a couple, even if you keep the PDAs to a minimum.Even on a recent visit to Berlin, a major gay hotspot, I struggled to find a lesbian party on a Friday night because the popular girls’ night only takes place every Friday.

This includes little gestures like stroking your partner’s back, using terms of endearment with each other or holding hands.

You’ll definitely notice the looks of other people.“Don’t assume everyone sees you the way you see yourself.

Most people will see you based on the stereotypes they were raised with. In other countries, especially non-Western ones, you might just be stereotyped to being ‘a woman with short hair.’ I’ve been mistaken for a man many times before, but most (if not all of those times), they’re the ones that are embarrassed about it,” says Mindy Postoff, who writes the lesbian travel blog Bounding Over Our Steps with her wife Ligeia.

When traveling with a feminine girl, it is usually more likely that we’ll get asked if we are sisters than lovers.

However, if you are a butch lesbian, it’s a completely different story.

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