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I believe this was key to getting her old self back again like when we met...Hey all, I have another crazy story for anyone who cares to read.She continued her slow ascent into more daring behavior this past weekend...Lately my wife has been agreeing to my pantyless and braless requests more and more.This week my wife and I went to dinner with some business associates.She had the usual "what should I wear" quandry, so I was treated to a fashion show of several dresses, most of them short, paired with knee high...

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I have always got a thrill out of other guys admiring my beautiful wife.Last valentines day we got a sitter for the little ones and I booked a hotel at the beach not too far from an arts festival and car show.When she asked me what I wanted for Vday I told her all I wanted is for her to...We are almost 40 but she doesn't look a day over 33.She lost some weight recently and feels really good about her body.

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