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The striving after universality is also suggested by the fact that it is difficult to the metaphors.It can be argued that these aspects of the story take it away from mimesis, which is attentive to appearance and context, and we may gather that Tagore is striving after ‘truth’, which also explains the magisterial viewpoint of the narration.

Here is a delightful passage from a translation (by Lopa Banerjee) of In a household infested with riches and boredom, Charulata continued to live, bloom like the flower that could not bear any fruit, not as a necessity, but an embellishment in the midst of her effortless, prolonged days and nights.It didn’t seem the first time he had spoken those words.Having uttered them in front of many strangers, he seemed to have lost any sense of pain or humiliation and become quite impassive.” What is most poignant in this segment is the old man trying to distance himself from the horror of his daughter’s situation by using English language terms, but Kaikini relies only on his observations of how English is used by people who normally speak in the vernacular — to get his emotional effects.Sen’s trusting helplessness, the wrinkles under his white eyebrows appeared in front of Satyajit’s eyes.Was it possible for Sanjeev Sen to utter that phrase only in English?

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    This synchronization allows the host stack and offload target to generate timestamps that increase monotonically, even if the TCP connection is offloaded or the offload of the connection is terminated.

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