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That is why we do not believe in tables and chairs and even other humans.If you are a Christian or Muslim who claims that you are a 100% certain God does exist, you are an infidel and you are going to hell no matter what your guru may be telling you.Belief by its very nature can only exist in the margin of error.That is the margin where God examines your commitment as ‘blessed are those who believe in the unseen’. For some reason, I tend to receive a hail of unhappy e-mails from people you would least expect would oppose what I say, that somehow manage to send me into another run of hibernation. I didn’t care what people said because I could tell if the writer was mad at me or mad at some AS.Now people know who they are talking to and many have a good grasp of who you are and know what works to keep your mouth shut. OK let me shoot a couple of articles before someone develops new tricks.It is by far the dumbest constitution ever written. Even if you are a Tigrigna that we tend to assume are part of the conspiracy, you would be the first to dump the constitution unless you wanted your grandkids to continue to be slaves of ‘Hidri sema’etat’. In our little world here, where instead of consolidating the cause that we should fight for, we are obsessed with consolidating a united opposition that would then hitchhike any direction, things such as the constitution tend to give people false hope that a mobilizing formula can be worked out.That is where the old guard of the opposition is stuck.

It is a constitution premised on the assumption that the living are here to serve the dead and not the other way round, where the dead sacrificed to serve the living.Baby Corp is the imaginary baby factory in Boss Baby. They have no mother or father and certainly no ‘social group’ to claim loyalty to.The only thing that makes them babies is the preoccupation with the trivial. Here on our own baby corp., the drama is no different.The underlying premise in his argument is that once we let go of subjectivity, objectively driven reality should take us to the optimum solution (which by definition is always good) much more efficiently than by hammering and chiseling our way out. Zeru, brilliant writers who deserve utmost respect.Here the difference between the subjective and objective is that the first is made up and a social construction that can be reconstructed at will, while the second is governed by natural laws from the Lord where only the selfless go to heaven. I guess I am not alone in confusing the names though.

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